Moving Ahead with Bone Research

Icon Challenge

Healthy bones are essential for mobility. And mobility is essential for working, traveling, and sports across lifetime. Most people view mobility as a given, until they lose it when bone is destroyed by the aging process, osteoporosis, or cancer. Maintaining bone health throughout life is a major CHALLENGE as people get older. Bone fractures cause pain, immobility and a reduced life quality. This motivated us at the Bone Lab to understand how bone works in health and disease.

Icon Objective

Thus, the Bone Lab takes on this challenge and works enthusiastically towards identifying new targets to treat bone loss due to metabolic, inflammatory, and malignant diseases, and evaluate the potential of smart biomaterials to improve fracture healing. The OBJECTIVE of our research is to harness bone biology and to turn novel insights into new therapies that will make bones stronger and fractures heal faster. By taking findings from bone biology to clinical trials, our lab has been involved in the successful creation of novel therapies. Our ambitions are to enhance bone health for the well-being of our patients.

Icon Team

Our interdisciplinary team with members from six countries combines multiple talents bringing in expertise in cell and molecular biology, mouse genetics, development of biomaterials, clinical research and high-resolution imaging. With our broad knowledge platform, we interrogate the COMMUNICATION between bone and various organ systems in six research areas, including the immune and hematopoietic systems, the endocrine system, energy metabolism, and malignant cells.